• Moonstone

    The Moonstone Collection successfully combines Barbara’s fascination with celestial skies, and her love for the hypnotic depth of high quality moonstone, whilst achieving the perfect balance between classic style and innovative design. Bespoke designs and stones available upon request.

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  • Lucky Pebble

    The inspiration behind The Pebble collection derives from a story Barbara nostalgically remembers as a child. If you found a pebble on the beach with a hole through it, it was considered to bring you good luck. When Barbara found such a pebble, she decided to make a mould so it could be replicated in any metal. The handcrafted pebble represents her design philosophy by incorporating texture with different gemstones, and applying it to pendants, rings, and earrings. Bespoke designs are available surrounding this collection.

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  • Rock

    This is the latest collection from Barbara Tipple. Inspired by nature and the obscure formations of rocks. The rock like texture on each piece is hand carved to create an unusual and intricate piece of jewellery. The texture works in perfect unison with the precious gemstones set in yellow gold. Bespoke service available surrounding this collection.

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  • Rhiannon

    This iconic design is one of Barbara Tipple’s most popular collections. These classic pieces can be set with various gemstones of your choice for a more personal style.

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  • Lily pad

    Hand forged lily pads in oxidised silver or 18ct yellow gold often featuring intricately carved frogs. This unique design features in bracelets, bubble blowers, earrings and other classic styles.

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  • Zogan

    Zogan is a traditional Japanese metal inlay technique that has fascinated Barbara since the beginning of her journey as an international designer. This unique method has become an important process in Barbara’s work, since first winning her second Diamonds International Award in 1984. Blue mild steel is one of Barbara’s favorite mediums and works perfectly to compliment her artistic approach.

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  • Engagement and Bridal

    Barbara offers a vast collection of engagement and wedding rings. To help ensure clients are completely satisfied with their experience, a personal service is offered by Barbara and her highly trained staff who will guide you through a bespoke service to the finished design, paying exceptional attention to detail on everything you would want to know in relation to design, craftsmanship, diamonds, and coloured stones. View the entire collection of engagement and wedding rings, or make an appointment with Barbara to create a unique personal set of rings.

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